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Invis Sunnydale

Recently the game rainbosunnydale has changed hands for modship purposes and I’ve made some major overhauls. Rules and regulations have been changed, former inactive players have been dropped and I’m looking for new crew members. I’m still working on over-hauling many parts of the comm. And OOC but we in the game are looking for new blood.

Premise of the game:

After Sunnydale became a crater, the remainder of the gang and newly empowered slayers headed off in a big yellow bus for a new destination. It was decided that putting the entire group in place to start off was far from a good idea. So the group split up. Faith and Kennedy headed back to Angel's place, in attempts to set up a main head quarters while the others went off with Principle Wood to help him start his base of operations with the rest of the new slayers. Shortly after arriving back in LA Angel offered to put the group up in the Hyperion Hotel where Angel operations formerly had been run out of since he's just inherited Wolferman and Hart. Being suspicious of the new acquired properties Angel made an offer to the current ally's he had in the city, after they arrived, that he would be more then willing to put them on the W&H payroll if they'd watch his back. So Faith and Kennedy set up in the Hyperion only to be greeted shortly after their arrival with one Katherine St. James and several baby slayers to train. Since then the crew staying at the Hyperion, which has now been deemed 'The slayer hotel', has steady been growing in numbers. However, little do our slayers, Angel or anyone else know, there is a much worse evil yet to be seen and this one isn’t just going to play with magic and get into fist fights. This is a big bad with smarts, connections and charisma to top off magical aptitude and fighting abilities. Can the new slay crew handle this baddie? What waits just around the corner for our crew? I guess there's only one way to find out, come on down the road to rainbosunnydale... If you dare.

*17 years of age or above.
*Characters, unless part of some evil plot, must be at least gay friendly.

About the comm.:
rainbosunnydale is a comm with adult themes and story lines in a darker buffyverse setting with a preference towards slash; though Slash is not required. Adult themes can include: gore, horror, sex, abuse, torture and etc. This game does have over arching plot lines, but no one will be forced into participating in any plot they don’t want to. Threads will be made where there will be a disclaimer that plot is going to happen in that thread, but not precisely what will happen as to keep RP exciting for all players. No character will ever be killed, maimed, tortured, etc in any thread unless permission of the player is obtained first.

If you have any further questions please contact me by either leaving a message here, PMing my personal journal, or even leaving a comment on the Rsmods journal. (Which you will be taken to by clicking any of the following links)

Wanted | Taken | Rules & Guidelines | Application

Please. Thank you and I hope everyone has a good day! ^_^

(If this is not allowed, please let me know. If this is against the rules, I do apologize and I will remove it immediately.)
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